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Thank you!

Dear friends and family!

We wanted to thank you with all our hearts for your touching wishes, cards and presents. We would like to send an even bigger thank you to all of you who spent this magical day with us!! We really hope that you had as much fun as we did...

THANK YOU ... for coming and being there for us

THANK YOU ... for traveling for up to 10h and bearing with all sorts of obstacles (!!!) 

THANK YOU ... for making our wedding so international (with a total of 17 nationalities)

THANK YOU ... for all your warmhearted, lovely, sincere, touching wishes

THANK YOU ... for the awesome and generous presents

THANK YOU ... to all the guests, that made these weddings as much fun as they were

THANK YOU ... to those who organised and contributed to the entertainment

THANK YOU ... to those for all the help in organising, decorating, transporting, working day and night...

THANK YOU ... for everything we might have forgotten to mention

And thank you for all the awesome pictures you sent to us. In case you took some pictures at our wedding that we have not seen yet, we would really appreciate it if you could upload them here.

And here is a selection of pictures from the 2 weddings for you..

Ceyda & Martin

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